Our research centres on the chemical synthesis, radiochemistry, preclinical development and clinical translation of metal-based radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic PET imaging in cancer and other human diseases


8th June 20

  • Jan joins the group as a scientific co-worker. Welcome and good luck!

13th May 20

  • Faustine receives the Chemistry Travel Award 2020 from the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) and the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS). Congratulations!

11th May 20

  • Faustine receives the Chemistry and Molecular Sciences Zurich (CMSZH) Travel Award 2020. Congratulations!

21st Nov 19

       'Light-activated protein-conjugation and 89Zr-radiolabelling with water-soluble desferrioxamine derivatives' 

21st Nov 19

       'PhotoTag: Photoactivatable fluorophores for protein labeling'      

26th Feb 20

  • Shamisa joins the group as a Master's student. Welcome and good luck!


21st Feb 20

  • Jason publishes a collaborative article with the group of Prof. Neil Vasdev (Toronto) in Molecules

       'Revisiting the Radiosynthesis of [18F]FPEB and Preliminary PET Imaging in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease'

10th Feb 20

  • Linus and Mirsche join the group as Bachelor's students. Welcome and good luck with your experiments!

3rd Jan 20

       'Predicting the thermodynamic stability of zirconium radiotracers'

21st Nov 19

       'Light-induced radiosynthesis of 89ZrDFO-azepin-onartuzumab for imaging the hepatocyte growth factor receptor'      

7th Oct 19

       'Photochemical reactions in the synthesis of protein-drug conjugates'      

28th Aug 19

       'Two is better than one: difunctional high-affinity PSMA probes based on a [CpM(CO)3] (M = Re/99mTc) scaffold'        

24th Aug 19

       'Synthesis and photochemical studies on gallium and indium complexes of DTPA-PEG3-ArN3 for radiolabelling                     antibodies'​

19th Aug 19

  • Patricia joins the group as a Master's student with expertise in analytical chemistry. Welcome!


16th Aug 19

  • Rachael, Jennifer, Faustine and Melanie present posters at ICBIC, Interlaken

  • Rachael wins the poster prize for her excellent work on 'Photoradiolabelled 68GaHBED-CC-azepin-MetMAb'. Congratulations!

13th Aug 19

  • Jason presents an invited lecture at the 19th International Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry (ICBIC), Interlaken.

1st Aug 19

       'Multi-functionalised graphene nanoflakes as tumour-targeting theranostic drug-delivery vehicles'


15th July 19

  • Daniel joins the group as a post-doctoral scientist with expertise in sugar synthesis. Welcome!

12th June 19

  • Jason publishes perspective in Drug Target Review

       'Radiochemistry and drug synthesis 'in a flash'

12th June 19

  • Amaury joins the group as a post-doctoral scientist with expertise in synthesis. Welcome!

23rd May 19

  • Jason publishes a collaborative study with Prof. Rachel Codd from the University of Sydney in Inorganic Chemistry 

       'Endo-Hydroxamic acid monomers for the assembly of a suite of non-native dimeric macrocyclic siderophores using             metal-templated synthesis'

18th May 19

  • Rachael and Melanie publish an article in Bioconjugate Chemistry 

       'Photoradiosynthesis of 68Ga-labelled HBED-CC-azepin-MetMAb for immuno-PET of c-MET receptors'

23rd Apr 19

  • Our photoradiochemical technology is featured in a Press Release from the University of Zurich.

17th Apr 19

  • Jennifer receives the Alavi-Mandell Award from the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) for her paper in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine

       'Advanced methods for radiolabeling multimodality nanomedicines for SPECT/MRI and PET/MRI'. Congratulations!

4th Apr 19

  • Faustine receives an extension for her Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

22nd Mar 19

       'The impact of emerging bioconjugation chemistries on radiopharmaceuticals'.

7th Mar 19

  • Simon receives the Mathematics and Natural Science Semester Prize (Autumn 2018) for his Bachelor's thesis. Congratulations!

2nd Mar 19

  • Malay, Simon and Larissa publish an article in iScience

       'Simultaneous photoradiochemical labelling of antibodies for immuno-PET '.

4th Feb 19

  • Larissa publishes an article in Chemical Communications 

       'Photoactive chelates for radiolabelling proteins'. Highlighted as the Cover Article

4th Feb 19

  • Rita Sala Faig joins the group as a visiting PhD student from the University of Barcelona. Welcome!

1st Feb 19

  • Jennifer, Faustine, Rachael, Florian and Melanie receive travel bursary awards to attend the International Society of Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (ISRS) conference in Beijing (May 2019). Congratulations!

18th Jan 19

  • Faustine wins the the award for 'Best Poster' at the Chemical and Molecular Sciences Zurich (CMSZH) retreat. Congratulations!

4th Dec 18

       'Photochemical conjugation and one-pot radiolabelling of antibodies for immuno-PET'.

       Highlighted as the Featured Article and Frontispiece

24th Sept 18

  • Jason is interviewed for an article feature in Chemistry World - 'The nuclear option' by James Mitchell Crow 


The Holland Lab thanks the following agencies for generous support of our research:

  •   European Research Council (ERC) -  (Jason Holland, Starting Grant ERC-StG-2015, 'NanoSCAN' #676904)

  •   Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)  -  (Jason Holland, SNSF Professorship PP00P2_163683)

  •   Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship  -  (Faustine d'Orchymont, PhD Student Scholarship, 2017)

  •   Department of Chemistry, University of Zurich

  •   Chemical and Molecular Life Sciences Graduate School (CMSZH), University of Zurich

  •   Krebsliga and the Krebsforschung Schweiz -  (Jason Holland, Research Grant KFS-4257-08-2017)


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