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Our research centres on the chemical synthesis, radiochemistry, preclinical development and clinical translation of metal-based radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic PET imaging in cancer and other human diseases


1st May 24

  • A warm welcome back to Samy, who re-joins the group for a PhD studies working on radioactive polymers and targetting Technecium compounds!

2nd Apr 24

  • Perle Hermant joins the group for the second half of her PhD. Have fun with your work on PET tracers!

1st Feb 24

  • Deborah Bäcker joins the group as PhD student. All the best in the field of supramolecular radiotracers!

1st Feb 24

  • Two Master Theses were succesfully defended! Congratulations to Dominik and Samy!

3rd Apr 23

  • Eda Nisli joins the group as PhD student. Good luck synthesizing new therapeutic compounds!


The Holland Lab thanks the following agencies for generous support of our research:

  •   European Research Council (ERC) -  (Jason Holland, Starting Grant ERC-StG-2015, 'NanoSCAN' #676904)

  •   Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)  -  (Jason Holland, SNSF Professorship PP00P2_163683)

  •   Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship  -  (Faustine d'Orchymont, PhD Student Scholarship, 2017)

  •   Department of Chemistry, University of Zurich

  •   Chemical and Molecular Life Sciences Graduate School (CMSZH), University of Zurich

  •   Krebsliga and the Krebsforschung Schweiz -  (Jason Holland, Research Grant KFS-4257-08-2017)

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