Bioinorganic chemistry (CHE 324)

  •   Metals in Medicine

Radiochemistry & Imaging science (CHE 438)

  •   Advanced Radiochemical Synthesis

  •   Molecular Imaging

  •   Radiochemistry and PET Imaging Practicals

Bioconjugation chemistry (MDS 101)

  •   Introduction to bioconjugate techniques

  •   Bioconjugation reactions - focus on antibodies

  •   Advanced bioconjugate synthesis - bioorthogonal reactions and enzyme-mediated chemistry

Old News

24th Sept 18

  • Jason and Mark Bartholomä publish an article in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry - 'Optimized synthesis and indium complex formation with the bifunctional chelator NODIA-Me'

30th Aug 18

  • Malay completes his postdoc and leaves the group for an Assistant Professorship position at the Tata Institute of Fundametnal Research, Mumbai, India. Very best wishes for your new start.  

2nd Aug 18

  • Larissa completes her Master's thesis. Congratulations on an excellent job and a superb thesis!

1st Aug 18

  • Melanie joins the group as a PhD student. Welcome and good luck.

9th Jul 18

  • Simon Klingler joins the group to work on his Bachelor's thesis

30th Jun 18

1st Jun 18

  • Nofre completes his ERASMUS exchange and returns to the University of Barcelona - Congratulations and good luck!

17th May 18

2nd May 18

  • Jason and Mark Bartholomä publish in the EJNMMI Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry - 'Preparation and preclinical evaluation of a 68Ga-labelled c(RGDfK) conjugate comprising the bifunctional chelator NODIA-Me​'

Medicinal chemistry (CHE 435)

  •   Introduction to radiopharmaceutical science


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